Taking stimulating photographs has very little to do with purchasing an expensive camera or having a bombastic photographic equipment. In realness is not the camera that capture the picture, it is the photographer.

But what is it what makes a 'good' photograph, the answer isn't easy, you see the scene, be excited and take the photo, but the timeless question is the taste of the observer and so different as the taste of the observer is the answer what makes a 'good' picture.



The e-cards are free for free members, you can add your picture, Java applet and much more. Be creative for your greeting, make a wonderful gift with your ideas. It is easy and funny.

You can send 10 cards in one mailing, spread your design.


My Calendars are made with high resolution photographs and a professional processing. I use various programs for the frame of the Calendar.

The whole year I look after the shooting for the pictures and save they in an extra file and than I've to choose.



Since a short time I offer the new shots as Wallpaper for a cheap price, $1.00 for a picture.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. The shots are from the Landscape of Sicily and the Urbanphotography from Termini Imerese and other towns.


I create a slide-show with my pictures, prepare backgrounds for your website, covers for the presentation, animate this backgrounds, covers or slides with graphics for the holiday. I often upload the stuff and check the function.


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A lot of informations about special themes. I created my Nichesites for this and its cover a lot of interest stuff.

My first place for the search for tools is normally Amazon® and till now I found for what I searched.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.....My site with the E-Books.

I found a book of a photographer by Clickbank®. I took a look around and became a member. I offer a lot of books and courses from the members of Clickbank® with their Websites.

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