About Me

I created this website for my older shots and offer this high resolution or 35mm photographs to a cheep price as download. I bought and installed a program which easy handles also affiliates. I'm really glad to have this peoples on board, when I create my One Time Offers for diverse holidays.

I'm very interested in good stuff so I take from time to time also this themes on this site, its has nothing to do with photography but also a photographer is a human.

I am shooting pictures since my early teenager age and nobody is perfect and I am my best criticiser. When it comes to sell this photo, you will see it with other eyes. What do my customers try to find, which is the reason that they look for a photo? The most asked photos are happy family photography, business photography and daily objects photography, rare also landscape photography and flower photography. I'm landscape photographer, normally I'had to change the offer but I think the landscape of Sicily is interesting enough for a offer. We work online without order and contract of someone, so I believed , I had never a chance to sell something but this isn't the case till now.

What I Offer on this Site

I had thousands of shots on my computer, always. I can't all upload, perhaps I haven't the permission for to public but what without people I upload to my stock.
Greetings for all days and successes in your life. I create with my pictures, graphics and fonts, for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all other Celebrations, greeting cards. I offer greeting cards and it is free for free members.
I read books, read online the actual news, when you find an book online and want to buy, you find it by Amazon® or Clickbank®. The first is more for the end-user the other more for internet marketers.

A few Works

Every year before the holidays, I create and design new greeting-cards and this since years.
I take for this e-cards my pictures and animate with graphics, frames and the greeting.
Last year I uploaded a few of my new shots to use as wallpaper, background or slider pictures.
This is an example of a Box with my shot. I create this Boxes for my offers as internet marketer.
The classic box for header, website and graphics, packages for the holidays, webmaster and so on, which offer a lot of stuff.
When you offer Music, loops, courses and many more, your box is adapted on the includes.