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Termini Imerese (PA), 90018, Italy/Sicily
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The timeless question is the taste of the observer. You see the scene, be excited and take the photo.

I am shooting pictures since my early teenager age and nobody is perfect and I am my best criticiser.

When it comes to sell this photo, you will see it with other eyes. What do my customers try to find, which is the reason that they look for a photo? The most asked photos are business photography, family photography and daily objects photography, rare also landscape photography and flower photography.

With this new site a change the offer and slowly I will also upload pictures for this categories.



The e-cards are free for free members, you can add your picture,Java applet and much more. Be creative for your greeting, make a wonderful gift with your ideas. It is easy and funny. You can send 30 cards in one mailing, spread your design.


All sorts of e-books, the most bring you of the author's site, so you can read the own words to his or her book. The views are written from competent writers and bring you in shortness the content. My own bookstore will slowly grow with a special stock of books.

My Store
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I try to find good deals for me, as all of us.

The cameras, the tools and software arn't cheap, so I research the net.

I became also affiliate through this searchs with other firms and offer this stuff here.

Real Deals
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One of my favourite stores is®.

They sell also that what I need for my job.

My first place for the search for tools is normally Amazon® and till now I found for what I searched.

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As an internet marketer, what you must be when you'll sell your stuff online, you're involved in many other directions.

I found a book of a photographer by Clickbank®.

I took a look around and became a member. I offer a lot of books and courses from the members of Clickbank® with their Websites.

PostHeaderIcon You find on my site ...

not only offers, also a lot of informations about special themes. I created my Nichesites for this themes and this cover a lot of interest stuff. I always update this sites with new articles, when I find something new, but also principle which ever lasting.

The Review-sites are with a few articles about the e-books which I offer from the Clickbank® members. The authors are well known marketers and this short reviews give a view about the product and site.

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.(Edwin Schlossberg)

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Feb. 21, 2011
Bad News!
My host don't send out my newsletter and all other broadcasts.
Why? Reason? A lot of words without background and without the possibility of proof!
Please check out my Blog for the news. Thank you! on!